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    BTS vs Jonas Brothers – What a man gotta do with Dynamite

    Maak mijn Mashup #makemymashup Timur@3fm 17-09-2020

    Idea: Iris from Coevorden

    Billie Eilish vs Donna Summer – The Last Dance is My Future

    Maak mijn Mashup #makemymashup Timur@3fm 10-09-2020

    Idea: Jody from Roosendaal, the Netherlands

    The last five mashups made for Timur @3FM

    Muse vs Bloodhound Gang – Map of the Bad Touch #maakmijnmashup @Timur op 3FM

    Benee vs Minnie Riperton – Supa Lovin #maakmijnmashup @Timur op 3FM

    Happy 70th Birthday Stevie Wonder

    Hey 99 problems #maakmijnmashup @Timur op 3FM

    rrremix’s ode to Florian Schneider, founder of Kraftwerk

    Stay in shape with this Physical mashup; Dua Lipa vs Olivia Newton-John

    Mashup with Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran:

    GRAMMYS 2017: Beyoncé

    Saturday (Night), November the 5th, Herman Brood would have turned 70. On the 5th of September Freddie Mercury would have turned 70. A very good reason to make a 70th B-Day Mashup for those heroes!

    EWF vs Jordin Sparks – Fantasy Tattoo (rrremix mashup) by rrremix on hearthis.at

    Sam Smith vs Human League – Human Restart by Rrremix on Mixcloud

                          • Mark Ronson ft Bruno Mars – Uptown Funk
                          • David Christie – Saddle Up